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No. 399, Fifth Floor, Unit 9, Delliran Building, North Felestin St., Keshavarz Blvd
Iran, Tehran
consulting and supplying engineering
Consulting, designing, supplying and supplying oil, gas, petrochemical and ...
Technical and engineering services
Technical and engineering services to owners of oil, gas and petrochemical industries...
Leading in project implementation and development
Construction and commissioning of small and large projects for oil, gas, petrochemical and ...

PETRO TAJHIZ Falat Parsian

Supply of oil, gas, petrochemicals

PETRO TAJHIZ Falat Parsian​ Co is committed to obtaining customer satisfaction and continuous improvement in the part of the quality management system as the most important goal of the organization and assumes itself to meet all the requirements of the standards of ISO 9001: 2008, and the management of the organization has set itself under its leadership In order to achieve the goals set forth below, it is guided.

The rights and professional ethics are the credibility of our work